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Classical Joints from the Rhymin Riddlore?!!!! Available now! BannerFans.com

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


DIY Or Die
Riddlore of C.V.E. has a new album and is selling the CD version now via paypal! 22 banging tracks produced by Debmaster with Riddlore? rhyming. Features include NGAFSH, Wreccless, Nuvethad, Busdriver, Dr.Oop. Zen. Amewu and more. Ridd professes this production is his most sound work to date....Get it now right HERE!
DIY Or Die
http://youtu.be/zOakgkEUbIs Guerrillah Spit CD - Riddlore and PterraDacto - Available NOW! The new CD, "SEE THE STORM COMMIN" (The Monkey Wrench Theory) - Presented by: GUERRILLAH SPIT (RIDDLORE, PTERRADACTO, DJ OFFTOP).... AVAILABLE NOW!!!

guerillah spit



West Wing - Riddlore?- CVE CD, available now!!!!

west wing

Riddlore? Bio

Riddlore? - A true OG in the underground.
This innovative emcee, DJ, and producer began his odyssey in hip-hop in 1983. Having been heavy into street life early in his journey, his style of music has always been influenced by the struggles of his people. Because he's so in tune with what really goes on in the streets, he uses his music to try to elevate the awareness of those that hear it. Not simply content to be another hood reporter, he uses the power in his words to challenge the listener to see things from different angles.
Riddlore? is an LA underground renaissance man, having mastered lyricism, production, DJ-ing and the unspoken art of gang-banging. Fortunately, he gave up the latter in 84 to put all of his incredible energy into the music, and many years later hes still at the cutting edge of the west coast sound. His track record speaks for itself, having worked with such luminaries as Aceyalone (All Balls Dont Bounce, Love and Hate), The Visionaries (Sophomore Jinx), Busdriver (Memoirs of the Elephant Man), The Good Brothers, Awol One, and Mikah 9.

Riddlore? solo albums: Good Riddendz 99.(1999 CoVErt Recordz) Everything You Need To Know.. (2000 CoVErt Recordz) Riddlore???? (2001 CoVErt Recordz)

CVE projects: Can U Love A Villain/ Power to the Posse 12in (1988 Yo Dog Recordz) Gotta cumm up! Ep (1990 CoVErt Recordz) Portrait of a Serial CHiller (1995) Kaos cou de ta (1996 afterlife recordz) Unclassified (1997-1998 CoVErt Recordz) Declassified (1997-1998 CoVErt Recordz) Gotta cumm up 99 (1999 CoVErt Recordz) Welcome 2 the afterlife. Afterlife comp. (2000 Afterlife Recordz) Declaration of an independent . (2000 Afterlife Recordz) Villainism (2005 CoVErt Recordz)

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